23 Healthy Travel Snacks #RoadTrip #AirTravel

Everyone has to eat.

Not only is that a clever line to convince someone to go on a date with you… it’s true- whether you are at home, work or traveling through a “strange land”. In the video above, I share some of my favorite snacks to pack when I travel by car, plane, train or even boat! Since I order almost everything from Amazon, find links to all of the goodies mentioned below.

Got treats? Share with me your favorites in the comments below.

RHYTHM SUPERFOODS KALE CHIPS: I’ve tried dehydrating kale chips myself and let me tell you… it’s a LOT of work for not a lot of chip. These are a great option for getting in your greens with a flavorful kick!

ORGANIC CRANBERRIES: Most times, a handful of cranberries will satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me from devouring a bag of not-food Starbursts.

KLEEN KANTEEN: When possible, I avoid drinking out of plastic. You can read all about BPAs here, but long story short- stick to something less porous when you can- like glass or a pretty red canteen.

TRADER JOE’S TRAIL MIX: It’s not hard to bag your own trail mix, but Trader Joe’s makes it so easy to just grab a pack of packs.

MULTIGRAIN CRISPS: All of the salt and crunch you are looking for in a travel snack- and easy on the gluten-free diet.

NATIVAS ORGANIC BLUEBERRY HEMP SUPERFOOD POWER SNACK: Antioxidants, fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals… what else would you expect from a power snack?

GO RAW SUPER COOKIE: Just three simple ingredients combine to create a light, crunch and raw cookie for travelers who know.

GRASS FED BEEF JERKY: Don’t get me started on what they are feeding cows these days. Knowing that your beef is grass fed will cost you more, but at least you know that your cow was eating naturally instead of GMO corn and feed.

GO RAW SPIRULINA ENERGY BARS: It’s raw. It’s green. It’s not going to satisfy your sweet tooth but will keep you from binging on fast food when you’re starving.

ORGANIC TEA: Taking tea, honey and an electric tea kettle is how I take a road trip. Tea is warm, comforting and very often full of herbs and spices meant to better your health. It’s a nice change of pace from my first love, plain water.

LOCAL RAW HONEY: If you can’t get it local, at least get it raw. Raw honey means that it was not heated to a point that it loses all it’s natural goodness. If you are not using raw honey, you may as well just use sugar.

RAW ORGANIC ALMOND BUTTER SNACK PACKS: How cute and helpful is having your almond butter in a snack pack? Very! Squeeze it on to a cracker, apple or banana and keep on truckin’!

ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE: I don’t think I have to tell you that for most travelers- chocolate is essential. I like organic dark chocolate for the antioxidants and the deep satisfying flavor. I bet you can’t eat a whole bar in one sitting.

ORGANIC GOJI BERRIES: Go, go, goji berries! Travel no further for the fountain of youth- it’s inside these berries! Known for being one of the world’s superfoods, goji berries will keep you “regular” and help to burn fat. Two scoops, please!

QUICK COOK GLUTEN FREE OATS: There is a good reason my grandmother eats oatmeal for breakfast every morning… it’s good for you. Storing healthy oats in smaller bags means you are eating a warm healthy breakfast with no muss or fuss.

CAVEMAN BARS: I love the coconut flavor best, but all varieties of these bars are Paleo-friendly and tummy-friendly. These are easy snacks to snack on.

ORGANIC RAW CACAO: Perfect for banana smoothies, this powder also gives great flavor to coffee, ice cream and fruit. All natural chocolate flavor.

RAW FOOD GREEN DRINK: If you are getting your recommended daily amount of greens, you are in the minority. If you are like the rest of us- it behooves you to add a daily green drink or two. The powder may not be your favorite, but it’s a great way to stay proactive about your health.

LARABAR: So many flavors, so little time.

GREEN TEA – QUANTUM: I order a TON from Quantum Nutrition Labs. If you decide to call and order, tell them I referred you and receive a free gift!

KIND BARS: So I don’t care for the savory flavors, but LOVE so many others. I do wish these bars were organic.

ORGANIC COCONUT MILK POWDER: Since I can rarely find raw cow’s milk, I mostly turn to coconut milk. I use it most often in coffee and tea- it makes an incredible latte.

SPRY GUM: Definitely better than your average gum, regular chewing of this gum actually helps decrease tooth decay and dental plaque acid production. Plus, my mom says its good for you.

So what do you think? Ya hungry yet?

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