5 Simple (and Effective) Holiday Health Tips

Hey Kids! I’m headed out to hang with the ‘rents in Conroe, but I wanted to first share a few tips that I will be practicing over the next few weeks.

  1. Park far away. Mindfully give someone else the primo spot and express gratitude for your ability to move your body all the way through the parking lot.
  2. Nothing wrong with dainty portions. A little bit of a lot of things is still a lot of food. Trust me. I know. This will be my struggle too.
  3. Forgive yourself and go for a walk. I will absolutely eat more this next month that I otherwise would. But I’ll also be the first one to suggest we all go for a walk. A long walk. It’s all about balance.
  4. Decide ahead of time who you are going to be. No one can control you unless you let them. Be intentional. Be the light this season.
  5. Take some quiet time. Take a nature walk alone. Journal under a tree. Sit in your car and have quiet time with Your Creator. Acknowledging what really matters is the balance needed to truly enjoy the season of busyness and excitement.

What tips do you have to share for better enjoyment of the holidays?

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