7 Ways To Accomplish Your Goal In 7 Days (or less!)


Now it’s just out of control. I have been about 80% complete on producing my video testimonial e-book for at least a month now. Not to mention all the dirt kickin’ I did months before that.

Granted, it was the holiday. And I went through a romantic break up. Ugh. And I’m taking care of Grandma. And I got snowed in on my New York vacation. And many more, some even valid, excuses.

But still.

The other people that have actually published their e-books have busy lives too. And yet he/she made it happen.

And I could have done it by now if I were more focused. It feels like I’m procrastinating.

Maybe it’s because it is my first e-book and the more I review it the more I want to keep changing it. I want it to be perfect, though I know a perfect e-book is a gross improbability.

I’ve never been good at goal-setting and yet all of the research agrees that people who set goals are exponentially more likely to get the things they want in life. And I want.

So I decided to write this post about how to accomplish a goal in a week. Note that “write a blog post about your goal” is not one of the tips.

  1. Keep your promise to yourself. Many times when I change the way I look at something- everything changes. If I make a promise to a friend or family member- I try my darnest to keep it. I should honor the promises I make to myself because… I’m a child of The King.
  2. Set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely
  3. Make yourself accountable. Tell people close to you to keep you on track. Try announcing it on your blog so you’ll be embarrassed if you don’t do it.
  4. Give yourself a reward… or punishment. I think I’ll take myself to Louisiana (reward). But no road trip if no e-book. (punishment)
  5. Make a checklist. Write down every aspect that will have to precede the completion of your goal. I like Post-it notes on the wall. My ebook cover isn’t going to make itself just because the words are inside, ya know?
  6. Use an app or some kind of reminders. I refuse to miss this goal (God willing) so I’m going to use every tool on my belt…er phone. I’ll make myself daily reminders, listen to Classical brain music on Spotify and use my Pomodoro app to focus.
  7. Get over yourself. I don’t know everything there is to know about video. But I know a lot. I know a whole lot. So just get over yourself and PUBLISH already!

That’s it! Can’t wait to tell y’all how well it all worked out!

What do you think about my tips? What do you do to accomplish your goals?

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