A Day in the Life… Just Do It – Video Story 001 #vlog #austin

There would’ve been making videos for years – my recent trip to Nicaragua in the sub sequential video series that came out of it served as a reminder to me that creating video is something I was born to do.

Naturally – creating a blog about my day-to-day life versus being in the beauty of a foreign country like Nicaragua seemed lackluster and anti-climatic.

But there is always a reason or excuse not to try something new… Not to be everything that we can be. And I always think getting started is the hardest part.

So I just started. This first video include some of my favorite things like healthy food and coffee and getting a haircut… And not traffic.

As the vlogs evolve, I would imagine that they will shape themselves. Humble beginnings are the realest.

Thanks for watching and joining in the journey. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

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