Around The World With Single Female Traveler, Lisa Lubin #video #interview

If you want to travel… do it.

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Lisa Lubin is one of those cool people I met in Chicago.  When I heard that she was a travel photo and video journalist, I was enthralled and maybe a little… envious.  Lisa’s life is filled with travel and she has managed to create a successful career out of it.

I’d dare to say I’m not the only one who’s thinking “She’s so lucky!”  But as you will conclude from the video, she just goes for it.  

Real travelers make their own luck.

Lisa has much to her credit including being an established travel/food writer, photographer, and three-time Emmy-award winning TV producer.  Her writing and photography has been published by American Way Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Smithsonian, the Malibu Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Orbitz, and Huffington Post. Fancy, huh?

In the attached video, Lisa whole-heartedly answers my questions about security, safety and the many blessings and experiences of travel.  Follow along with her world-wide “mis-adventures” at and be inspired to embark on your own travel adventure.

Thanks for reading and watching.  Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

i love you, jen knoedl

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