Better Smarter Health Plan: Week 1

I have really smart friends.  Some know how to program and code.  Some know how to produce a HUGE event with very little notice.  Some even know the secret to keeping one’s mouth shut when doing otherwise will only inflame a heated situation.

But just because someone is smart, doesn’t mean they know the first thing about health.  There’s just so much to learn and know about so many different things in life- there just isn’t enough time to know it all.

No doubt, because of my parents- I’ve always maintained a health consciousnesses.  Mom had me doing exercise videos with her in the summer (ugh!) and being active in dance and cheerleading offset the 44 oz. chocolate shakes from Sonic that I then treated myself to on frequent occasion.

But after graduating college, getting a sit-on-your-butt job and a 6’3 boyfriend- the food caught up with me.

Oh no.  I really thought I would be the exception.

I was huge.  Creeping up on 170 pounds.  I’m 5’3.  Yes- for real.  It happened so gradually and my then boyfriend frequently articulated that he found me attractive, so I kept eating like it was going out of style.  Not surprisingly- in addition to battling depression- I was battling a negative self image.  Did I mention I was always tired?

After parting ways with my then boyfriend (probably should’ve married him) I was faced with the reflection I saw in the mirror.

I have never been one to “diet” per se.  Telling myself “no” makes me crazy and obsessive.  So first- I added stuff.

Right off the bat, I drank more water and exercised every day.  I told myself I could leave the gym after 15 minutes of exercise- and a few times, I did.

But more often I didn’t.  Exercise felt good.  And my iPod let me get lost in another world.  And I like seeing my weakness leave my body through sweat.  (Weird?)

Though I wasn’t initially making diet restrictions, I found that I naturally made better food choices with frequent exercise in my life.  Something about a tinge of soreness in my muscles is like a little silent pep talk from my body.

I lost over 30 pounds that year, but that wasn’t my main focus.  I mainly wanted to feel better.

This distinction is importnat because I think when people focus too much on their weight or what they look like, they become a little coo-koo.  It’s a fine line between discipline in caring for the “temple” that God left you in charge of and being a full blown narcissist.  Trust me.  It’ll sneak up on you.

So I tell my family and coaching clients to kick of their Better Smarter Health lifestyle by adding stuff and focusing on feeling just a little better most days.

Because most people are filled to the brim with every aspect of their current life- they are all too eager to take my advice.  They know how I think, how I make decisions and they trust me.

I’m doing the research for myself- I may as well share the wealth!  (Hey- that rhymes!)

This is the short version of what and why to add in your first week.

•   Apple Cider Vinegar cleanse drink in the morning (ACV, lemon, honey & water)
•  More water than you think you need.  Half your body weight in ounces.  I shoot for 80 ounces- just to keep the flush going.
•  10 minutes of exercise 6 days a week.  You can YouTube search or find a number of 10-minute programs on Pinterest.

That’s it for Week 1.  I know people want fast results.  That didn’t really work for me, but it came fast enough.  And I’ll tell you what- I’ve kept it off by making gradual and permanent lifestyle choices.  You can too.

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