Better, Smarter Health Snack: Walnuts & Cranberries

What’s your go-to healthy snack? Is it portable? Is it satisfying?

I have a friend who owns a system of vending machines. Ugh. Junk food and soda fills each row.

“Why don’t you fill the machines with healthier snacks? That’s what people want.” I unsolicitedly suggest.

But he firmly insisted otherwise. The natural stuff – the nuts and the trail mix expire faster than the candy bars and even though people say they want something healthy that is not where they usually spend their money first. In addition, fresh snacks have a lower profit margin so it’s no wonder food vendors, across the board, are not in a hurry to switch to fresh perishable items.

This is the same with many fast food restaurants, cafes and definitely food trucks. I live in Austin and there seems to be a food truck in every neighborhood. Though they are cute and tasty- I’m often disappointed by the lack of variety and freshness. Does everyone have to specialize in deep frying in

So even though fresh food is becoming more readily available – it is still not anywhere near what would make eating healthy significantly easier.

You gotta be a picky eater. And you’re worth it.

This now we’re full circle back to snacks. Ah, snacks. You know ’em. You love ’em. And if you want to the healthiest and tastiest options- you better bring them with you.

And with that I introduce you to one of my favorite snacks, the ever charming walnuts and dried cranberries.

*the crowd goes wild*

In the video above, I emote how delicious I find this simple treat to be and encourage YOU to check out the bulk section in your local grocery store to make your own snack packs.

You have to go to the grocery store anyway right? So why not swing by the bulk section and peruse the nuts and dried fruit aisle. Start with walnuts and cranberries or get wild and creative with pumpkin seeds and pineapple. The combination of sweet and salty (I always add Quantum Pink Salt) is sure to satisfy any pallet. Plus, the non-processed fashion in which these two ingredients are combined is both clean and flavorful.

My favorite salt!

Be proactive and throw your mix in a few Ziplocs. Keep them in the pantry so you can grab and go when you’re walking out the door. Don’t wait until you are hungry to think about what you will eat.

Newsflash: You are going to get hungry. Today and every other day. Plan for it.

Small changes like upgrading the snacks you eat most often are progressive steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Make a whole bunch of good habits and watch your life change!

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