Better Your Life With Healthy Gourmet Eating: Recipes For VIPs

If you want to live better…
Feel better…

Look better…

And are not overwhelmed by the idea of chopping vegetables…

Then you want my first recipe book titled, Better Your Life With Healthy Gourmet Eating: Easy Recipes That Prove You Don’t Have To Spend A Lot Of Time Or Money To Eat Like The VIP You Are!

Try saying that three times fast.

But seriously.  These are some crowd pleasing recipes.  If there is one thing my family says I’m good at- it’s preparing healthy and delicious meals.  Many recipe requests have come my way over the years of Instagramming my food but I finally wrote this book because my sweet Aunt Molly asked me for it.  She’s waited very patiently.

These recipes make me feel as though i am being good to my body and my tastebuds.  To be honest, it’s a rare day that I think restaurant food is better than the recipes in this book.

I’m definitely biased though.

As I practice more common sense health, I encourage my family, friends and clients to think differently about the foods they put in their bodies.

It matters.  We know it matters.  We feel how it matters.

So in  my quest to feel good for as long as possible, I adopted a cleaner eating philosophy.

I try to eat things as close to its original form as possible.


In addition to eating healthy, I fill in the gaps in my nutrition with concentrated whole food fruit and vegetable caps.  I really can’t recommend them highly enough.  Want to have a quick chat about how you can flood your bodies with over 30 fruits and vegetables daily?  Shoot me an email here with your phone number and I’ll give you a call or text.

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