Buying Baby Chicks for the First Time at Callahan’s in Austin #video

Chicks dig us.

Samson and me. Well, I guess technically that remains to be seen. But we dig them for sure. And we feel confident the feelings will be reciprocated in time. After all, what’s not to love?

My desire to raise chickens has been growing for months, but when Dad offered to help me build a coop- I was sold. So, I get to learn something new, eat the freshest, healthiest eggs possible AND hang out with my dad?!

Where do I sign up?

I guess Dad raised chickens as a kid and has fond memories. Dad doesn’t get jazzed up about too many things but when I mentioned that I wanted chicks, his face lit up as he gave me tips and ideas… it was cute. I knew then that he would be a resource throughout the process and any reason to talk with Dad is a good one. So I decided to go for it.


Dad did tell me to just look the first time I went to look at chicks, but he should have known me better than that.

Patience is a struggle for me.

So I compromised. I got 2 chicks one day, and 2 more a few days later. And if I’m being honest, I want a few more. Maybe some that are already laying eggs. Six months for breakfast is a long time! We’ll see…

Have you ever raised chicks? Tell me about it!

PS: These chicks were bought at Callahan’s General Store in Austin, TX.

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