Calling All Former Athletes… Game on, Baby.

Remember when you had that “eye of the tiger”?
When someone gave you a ball (or pom-poms, in my case) you came alive!
Watch out, World! Here comes the Hotstepper!

You’re bobbin’ and weavin’ like the fine-tuned human machine you are…

Ahh… that was good times.

Hey, slow down! Those days don’t have to be long gone- nor should they be!

In the video above, I’m rappin’ about that old school beat.

Think back…

How much did you used to LOVE seeing what your body could do? Like a boxer in a ring, light on your toes and ready for anything…

That’s what the video above is all about. A little pep-talk to my fellow athletes.

One of my clients, Sally, was having a hard time working up the desire to exercise. When I suggested she get back on the court with a local intramural team, her eyes sparkled at the though of hoopin’ it up again.

Then her face changed.

“Oh no, I’m not in good enough shape for that,” she says.

I smile. She knows what I’m going to say.

For Sally- it’s basketball. And she says she’s having a blast, getting her heart pumping and making new healthy friends.

For me, it’s dance. I’ll run my body into the ground dancing in a way no other exercise drives me. I plan on taking some ballroom dance classes in the new year for this reason.

The point is to find your fire again. Search like the quality of your life depends on it- because it does.

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