Congrats to my Bro’ski! And #AustinStartupCrawl – Video Story 003 #vlog

There is something therapeutic about mowing the grass. The repetition and sense of accomplishment always makes me stand a little taller that day.

I did that.

But the lawn doesn’t stay as tidy as it should. I need to learn how to weed eat… Or edge, or whatever it’s called. But straight mowing works wonders. It definitely feels different pulling up to a house with a crazy yard versus a freshly mowed yard. These are the things in my vlog today.

On a more exciting note… My brother just graduated from his year of “probation” with the Lake Travis Fire Department and we got to attend his pinning ceremony.

My baby brother is all growed up.

And before that… I went to #AustinStartUpCrawl. I recently decided to get plugged into the Tech scene again. I think I was resisting getting settled in Austin but God seems to have me here for a reason – at least for now, so I should make the best of it.

It’s not hard. I really like tech people. I affectionately call them nerds and secretly hope they think I am smart enough to be one too.

At the #AustinStartUpCrawl I had a great discussion with the founder of the Austin Christian Technologist and Entrepreneurs group, Mark Stephan.

Long story short – I’ve become very involved in the planning of events for the group.

It’s interesting – because I don’t really see myself as an events person but I keep finding myself in the middle of them.

In any case – you should come check out our next event in Austin on November 29 at Capital Factory. It’s going to be a FAB panel and smart, sweet people to meet. Link below.

I love you guys. Be good.

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