Drones, Donuts & Determination • Video Story 004 #vlog #austin

Today’s video story starts off with a morning jog. I wish I started every morning with exercise… And yet I do not. Though I exercise regularly – it usually happens in the afternoon. The time doesn’t matter as much as the consistency, but I love it when I knock it out early.

Consistency is more important than intensity.

After I made a little bit a room in my belly – I met up with my parents, brother and sister-in-law at a cute little restaurant inside the Nordstrom’s at The Domain called Basille.

Good call, Lindsey. I’d go again.

All that delicious food begs for a little more exercise, so I met up with Chris and we hiked up the hill that would give us a beautiful sunset view over the 360 bridge in Lake Austin.

The time lapse doesn’t do it justice, but lovely just the same.

Chris even let me drive his drone. I so want one. As you can see in the video – I’m an excellent driver.

And I think I do a pretty good alien Martian voice.

Of course no first time drone or feels complete without a celebratory doughnut.

White flour toxic. Sugar is toxic. Whatever they fry the donuts in is toxic.

And sometimes I make exceptions. Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth *toxic* exceptions. A well-placed Krispy Kreme doughnut falls in that category for me. So. Good.

What does it for you?

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