Ep 2: The Importance of Community • Nicaragua Video Mini-Series

Episode 2. Built for community.

In this episode of my Nicaraguan Mission Trip Video Mini-Series, the backdrop is our first full day in

Nicaragua. Joined by another church from Greenbay we set out to Cerro Negro, an active volcano for a day of community and team-building.

I don’t know if community easy for anyone. It can be awkward to spend full days and nights with people you’ve never met or you only see on Sunday morning.

But we all knew the score. And went for it anyway.

One of the things I love most about God is that He truly knows me and truly loves me anyway.

Knows you like He created you. Knows your little selfish ways. Mine too.

And loves us completely anyway.

It’s very hard to find human beings that will even come close to extending this kind of unconditional affection.

People who are committed to following in Jesus‘ is example come the closest.

But it can be hard for even us to open up. Especially adults with bad habits of putting up walls and numbing out not to feel the pain of whatever experiences they are dragging around.

Show we show people the parts of us we want them to see and try to hide the rest.

But how can we know if we are truly loved if we will not allow ourselves to be known?

Things to think about as you watch the beautiful climb and our abrasive decent down the front of the volcano.

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I love you. Thanks for watching.

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