Even Bad Lunch Dates Are Good #family #qualitytime #video

What do you do when you have two videos about two restaurants, with two not so stellar reviews?

You talk about the good part.

My brothers and I may be unique in that we are unmarried and all currently living in the same state. That means, we can choose to make time for each other and it’s truly amazing how much my appreciation for spending time with my family has grown.

In the above 2 videos, my brother, Jason and I went to Fargo’s BBQ in Bryan, TX. We found them on Yelp and they seemed to have good reviews, so I had high hopes.

Though we found the barbecue to be tough, the service to be rough; bread and pickles – not enough… We had a ball anyway.

To be able to experience something new with a good friend or family is the best of both worlds. You get to have the excitement of a new experience but you still have the security of being with someone that thinks like you do. Lunch was a great example. I love it when people agree with me.

So then, it was my suggestion to redeem our lunch meal, now sitting in our stomachs like a rock, we went to Must Be Heaven for ice cream. The video says it all – we weren’t overly impressed here either. However, we will give Must Be Heaven another chance. I love that they promote on the Christian radio station in town, Peace 107.7.

The point is – it takes a little extra effort to plan out a “date” with someone you care about but it’s worth it. Or even just deciding to have an adventure together is awesome. Just that you can be appreciative for the time, at the time. Mom was right when she said we would grow up to be best friends. She’s always right.

And I am a big proponent of calling these gatherings “dates”. Whether a brother-date or a friend-date or a date with mom or dad, or even classic romantic date… Call it a date. Be intentional. It just sounds way more special than “hang out”.

So. When was the last time you planned a date with the people you love?

What? How long?! Yep- you’re due.

Just remember – it is all about the intention of spending quality time together and enjoying one another’s company.

So go ahead, pick up the phone. Make someone’s day. Because when you have the right company… even “bad dates” are good.

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