Even If You Fall Down… Finish Strong via @BradleyWill

Falling and falling with awareness are not the same things.
Just ask any yogi.

So when I signed up to participate in a 30-day blogging challenge, I had high hopes of 100% completion. After everything shook out- my completion rate was more like 50%. But if you count a video and the written post as 2 different things, then…

I’m back at 100%, Baby!

The point is- I “fell” with awareness. When I went to visits my parents for Thanksgiving- I decided spending quality time with them was more important than making a video that day. Days.

And it was.

But then I got back on that horse.

And then I fell again on the weekend.

I learned a lot about myself through this process- especially since it was the beginning of me making more videos tailored to natural health and wellness. The challenge helped me get out of my head.

Sometimes, you just need someone to challenge you. Someone to lead by example.

A teacher. A friend. A coach.

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve known Bradley Will, but my respect and affection for him has only grown over the years. He’s smart, funny, kind and well… just all around kinda super.

Bradley also happens to know tons about how to make money online as the owner of LearnToBlog.com.

In the video above, I’m sharing one of the tips he shared with us in his last webinar

Whether you are writing a blog, going on a date or singing karaoke… go for it.

Be you. Do “you”.

If jumping on a trampoline while shooting a video sounds fun to you… do it.

And if you “fall down” metaphorically or physically (I can be clumsy) then you just give yourself grace and get back in the game.

So go ahead, take on a new challenge. You don’t have to wait for January, I promise.

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And if you are looking to “express yourself” in 2016 with a blog of your own, I highly recommend my friends at LearnToBlog.com.

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