Facebook Live Friday: Broadcast Streaming Video

It’s all about that live stream video these days. From Periscope, to Snapchat to Instagram- many of the major social networks are moving toward real-time content. The biggest of the players is still Facebook and as they push their “live video”, I explore a week’s worth of playing with Facebook Live.

Some tips from a week of streaming video…

  • Choose who can see your video.
  • Give it a good title.
  • Get your 3-second count down.
  • Stay on for at least a few minutes.
  • Tell viewers to subscribe.
  • Chat with viewing friends in real time up to 4 hours.
  • Toggle between cameras.
  • Share and/or download (or delete)

I’m having a blast with Facebook Live Fridays on my profile page. Please log on and join me every Friday at noon, Central Time here.

Watch the week of Facebook Live video below!

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