Give Your Taste Buds Some Time To Mature

“Bleck! What IS that?” he says.

“Kombucha,” I reply. “And it’s delicious.”

Remember when you didn’t like onions? Or the meal when avocados went from yucky green stuff to the best topping ever?!

Clearly- we evolve. As do our taste buds.

As you switch to eating healthier foods, there are bound to be some that you are just not “feeling” and would rather never (ever) have to eat them.

For my mom it’s beets. Random, right?

For me, it’s sauerkraut. But I’m eating it anyway. Because it’s good for me. And it tastes a little less worse day by day. We gotta start somewhere.

Check out an excerpt from a study ABC News recently published.

At this point scientists don’t know whether a sluggish sense of taste leads to overeating or if excess weight somehow diminishes the taste buds’ abilities. Robin Dando, a professor in the food and science department at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., said he thinks it may be a little of each.

We have all experienced “acquiring a taste” for something but usually it’s alcohol related, right? Be honest.

So it is not only possible to develop a taste for healthier foods over the course of time- if you stick with it… it’s inevitable. This is what I’m talking about in the video above.

You’re all grown up now. Time to start eating like your body is your responsibility. But also be cool about it. Not even taste buds like to be told how to feel.

This doesn’t mean perfection (whatever that means anyway) in your diet, it means consistent forward motion. In all things under Our God, there is grace. And your taste buds are no exception.

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