God Is Like a Perfectionist Dentist

The title of this post is based on a analogy from CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity. He’s so smart.

For this Bible verse of the series I chose Matthew 5:48…

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

What struck me about the verse this time around is coming to terms with the realization, or maybe just reflecting in a new way, that the difficulties that I am facing in being obedient to Christ will never go away. Not in the lifetime, at least.

The struggles may change shape and name but I will not be done wrestling with my own selfish nature until I am perfect – which will not happen as I walk the earth. But I am called to stay faithful to the challenge.

So no breaks for Jen? Ugh.

To be honest – it sounds exhausting, but no one ever said being a Christian was easy. Or at least no one I know.

So, as I let Him in- He’s gonna be THOROUGH. So thorough in fact, that He will seek nothing less than perfection from me.

Perfection? Me? I think you’ve got the wrong girl, God.

But before I get overly discouraged, I hear my mother in my head saying I have freedom in Christ. She likes to say that one when I work myself up into a tizzy over things that won’t matter in eternity.

(Maybe that verse should be the next memorization.)

So what do you think? What about the goal of perfection? Do you have the kind of dedication, self-sacrifice and perseverance it would take to go on a journey like that? Do you have the desire to be open to a radical life change?

Do I? Really? Truly? With all my heart?

Eek. Ask me again in a year.

Dear Lord,

I am so far from perfect- it’s laughable. If it is your will for me to become more like your son, Jesus Christ, you’re gonna have to help me. A lot. I don’t feel as though I am built to be your representative, but I am willing to fight my sinful nature for you. Fill me with your strength and love. I certainly can’t do it alone. Amen.

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