Happy Dance in the Forest by @JenKnoedl #pharrell #video

August 8, 2014 12:58 pm

I love to dance.  This is not a secret.  I dance in the car.  In the kitchen.  At the gym- you name it.  Yeah… I’d like to be on “Dancing With The Stars” when I grow up.

But until then- I’ll just use whatever I’ve got.  A forest will do.

When I hear the song “Happy” by Pharrell- well you can guess it makes me happy.  So naturally I decided to make a little music video dancing in the forest.  That’s a logical next step, right?

So here it is.  One more dancing video to make the world a better place.  Hope it makes you happy.

In the comments below… do you dance in public?  Only in the shower?  Especially if there is a camera around?

happy dance 2

happy dance


If you dig it, share it.  Thanks.

i love you, jen knoedl





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