Health Tip: Your Produce On Holiday: Don’t Leave It- Freeze It #video

As I was preparing to leave town for a few days I gathered my produce and began chopping. There was a bag of peppers that would not look good upon my return, half an onion, cherry tomatoes and ripe bananas.

The video above shares a useful little health hack especially if you like a good vegetable soup. Or fruit smoothies. Or garden vegetable spaghetti sauce.

Chopping and freezing your fruits and vegetables not only saves your produce from the trash can or compost bin – it sets you up for a host of fantastic (and healthy) recipes.

You’ll find that the diced bell pepper and onion can go from freezer to fantastic in minutes.

Denver Omelette, anyone?

Freezing is in all natural preservative and works especially well with soup in the winter, cake, bread and vegetables to reheat.

Freezing is convenient, cost-effective and fun.

Well- I think it’s fun.

So before you leave for your holiday travels – pull out your *organic* fruits and vegetables. Chop them up and put them in separate containers or bags. Label the bags with the contents and date of freezing. Throw them in the freezer.

When you return – make yourself a smoothie, maybe a casserole or quiche with your lovingly chopped vegetables.

Your mom would be proud you’re not wasting food. And that you know how to make soup.

Do you freeze your produce already? What do you make most often with it?

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