How Do You Decide… Should I Move Back To Chicago?

First… a confession.
The video above is about two weeks old.

I know. I was supposed to keep you in the loop. Reward you for being a loyal reader and post my latest and greatest contents on my website first.

But I have found that the many steps required in writing a blog post can be paralyzing to me.

Not paralyzing in a dramatic, tortured soul kind of way… But paralyzing in that I have to use a different part of my brain to properly upload, optimize, right, edit, create the Pinterest image… It’s enough to make someone push off writing in their blog until the next day.

Or the next.

Chicago winters are beautiful.

What I found during my latest trip to Chicago is that the city inspires me. I was encouraged by my friend Nicole to make videos from my heart. No production. None. I even spared myself the trim tool. Straight to Facebook and Youtube.

Something tells me to share my journey in the middle of the mess and not just in hindsight. A real reality show, if you will.

Mockingjay ain’t got nothing on this.

This video did turn out to be the first of a series of existential and contemplative videos. I’m a weirdo. I know. I own it. I have no clue what I am doing on this planet but find sheer joy in the knowledge of where I’m going when I die.

He didn’t build us all the same. And I care more about exploration and knowledge than I do stability.

So here we go, God. I’m ready.

Oh and take care of your body. That’s what I know so far.

Trader Joe’s does a great job of travel snacks and meals. I eat here often on the road and especially in Chicago. @jenknoedl on @instagram

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