How I Made a Worm Compost Bin & Why You Should Too #gardening #diy

It had to be done. I am back in Austin. Spring is here. And I’m ready to take this health-thing to… the next level.

And for me that means worms.

Red worms. Yes, the wiggly kind. Eww.

I know. Things I thought I’d never say.

But worms are known to make great compost for organic gardening (which I plan to do next) and give me a great place to put all the organic pulp I am creating with my daily green drinks.

So I bought some worms. And they got here. And I made this video about how I created a composting bin with some Rubbermaid tubs, a drill and tripod.

I’m excited to see how this Jen-worm relationship is going to evolve… Will I be able to touch them some day? Will I give them names? Will I set them free in a nearby forest when they get too big?

No one knows. But now I can scratch “make a worm compost bin” off my list.

Won’t you join me?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 containers – I used Rubbermaid bins
  • Drill and bit to make holes
  • Scrap Cardboard and paper
  • Organic soil
  • Scrap food – I used food pulp which is easier for worms to process. (Avoid citrus, meat, dairy or greasy stuff. Worms wanna look good too.)
  • Worms! I bought mine here.

Yay for nature, being earth-friendly having slimy friends! (The worms, that is.)

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