How To Make a Delicious & Healthy Green Juice Drink #Omega #recipe

Mmm… green juice.

I haven’t been this excited about food since…

Okay. Scratch that. I get pretty excited about food on the regular.

Good, fresh, healthy food that is. And I have recently discovered the best of the best. The best flavor, the best nutrients, the best effect on your body… The BEST.

Vitamins, you say? Nah. I believe most are ineffective. The over-processing, heating, exposure to light, packaging, shelfing… Ugh. It leaves most vitamins with little nutritional value by the time we ingest of them.

(There are some really outstanding ‘supplements’ on the market – Mom and I are raving fans of Quantum Labs because they use REAL food. There is an excellent podcast by Dr. Bob Marshall on the site to listen and learn more.)

But the Best of the Best has got to be freshly juiced organic vegetables and fruit. Simply incredible.

In the attached video, I comment that this juice is the best thing I have ever tasted. Even now as I write this – I feel as though I could stand behind that statement.

I want to drink these all day long.

I decided to buy the Omega J8006 juicer because after a bit of research, it seemed worth the extra money to get a slow juicer or masticating juicer versus a centrifugal. I’m so glad I did. I have a centrifugal juicer and it is a true mess to clean. For that reason alone I would use choose the Omega. Really quite easy to clean.

In the short three days that I have been juicing for myself, I feel as though my skin is brightening. I know that seems fast but I look at my skin every morning and the nutrients and antioxidants that I am getting from raw fresh living food is affecting my body for the better. I see it. Literally.

As far as the organic produce, I’m not exactly sure what the investment was for me to buy a bunch- but it was under $50 to make many $8 (when you buy it at Whole Foods) green drinks that may not even be all-organic. So far it has lasted me quite a while and I am getting more juice from the produce than I expected. Plus… it’s just so delicious. Here is what I used this time…

  • Organic Red & Green Kale ($1 each at Sprouts)
  • Organic Spinach ($6 box at Whole Foods)
  • Organic Carrots (Costco)
  • Organic Broccoli (Costco)
  • Organic Honeycrisp Apples (Costco)
  • Organic Celery ($2 each at HEB)
  • Organic Cucumber ($3 each at Whole Foods)
  • Organic Ginger ($4 for 2 knobs)

And yes, I go for all organic produce. So that means the recipe will change as produce goes in and out of season. I’m cool with that. Because if I am going to go through all of this trouble juicing – let me ingest the least amount of chemicals as possible, Amen?

Another interesting observation I have made is that since I have introduced these beautiful clean living drinks into my diet – I am less likely to mess it up eating processed food. It’s like how you want some fish or a salad after a good workout. It makes you want to eat more healthy food. What a cool bonus, eh?

So it is my recommendation that you start juicing, if you don’t already. I am sure that I will continue to feel better as I continue this delightful habit.

Be proactive about your health and taste the most delicious elixir on the planet.

There is only one problem… I am unsure of how well this heavy juicer will travel.


What is your juicing recipe? Will you use the same vegetables as me?

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