Imagine Heaven: Video Interview with Author John Burke

Your health is your wealth as the saying goes and that is even more-so true in regard to the health of your soul.

In the video above, I am interviewing my pastor and friend, author John Burke of Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas about his fourth book – Imagine Heaven.

John’s book consist of thousands of stories of people who have had near-death experiences. John’s goal was to take the accounts and to lay them up against scripture for a glimpse into the afterlife that awaits us all.

Personally – this book was just what I needed, and just the right time. But isn’t that always God’s way?

In rediscovering my faith walk over the past two years, I have watched myself push the extremes of every side of my relationship with God. When I first started reading this book I was in a place of self condemnation – always thinking of how I do not measure up to the person that God is called me to be.  Being the light that reflects His glory, seemed unsurmountable… and futile to even try.

Granted, reading the Bible is not for sissies.  It hurts at times.  And the truth of Jesus is known to be offensive but… it’s only overwhelming when we try to “earn it”, or earn His love.  We simply cannot miss out on the love and grace.  The kind of love we can’t even begin to fathom.

Jesus Christ died a shameful death so that those of us who believe in Him do not have to live in shame. We can be free.

In addition to reading the book on my own – Gateway took the congregation through a 6-week Imagine Heaven series. Along with sound Biblical teaching, we watched John interview numerous people who have had a near-death experiences.

Every story was different.  And every story was the same.

I cried every Sunday to see a glimpse of what awaits us.

This book was so meaningful to me and the most powerful aspect was grabbing ahold of the joy that comes from knowing I am going to heaven.

I am going to Heaven.  It is sealed.

It’s one thing to know intellectually, that the evidence points to me going to heaven but it’s quite another to really feel it.  It makes me want to cry in humility.

I feel it in my heart.

The numerous stories in this book lineup with the Gospel’s truth of what really matters while we are on earth.

How do we want to live our lives in light of eternity?  What would we see in our own life review?

I highly recommend “Imagine Heaven” as a Christmas gift for a loved one and/or a gift for your own soul.

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