#MusicMonday 10 Reasons You Should Listen To Christian Music

The past year has meant a lot of growing for me. As I grow closer to Him, I find that He really is changing me.

Songs I used to enjoy dancing and singing to, now sound raunchy and desperate.

Did you see the #Grammys last night? How about Madonna’s performance? Eww.


Looking at the top songs in the US, there seems to be a lot of lying, jealousy, co-dependency, lust and heartbreak. It’s so common on the airwaves now, it seems… normal.

And then you contrast it with Christian music.

It’s not that I’ll go running out of the room if “Top 40” music is on (especially Pitbull- I can’t help but dance to that Latin beat overlooking any dumb lyrics) because I enjoy a lot of it! I love to dance and there is SO much talent outside of the Christian music genre. I don’t want to make blanket statements- I just want to be aware of the messages I am feeding myself.

If I am singing along, do I know what I’m saying? Is that the message I want to feed to my subconscious? How much am I feeding my fleshly animalistic desires versus feeding my eternal soul?

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons to incorporate Christian music in your playlist.

  1. I remember the day when I realized the answer to the question I had been asking all my life. What is my life’s purpose? And there it was in the Bible. Clear and to the point. My purpose is to glorify God. Listening to Christian music helps with that.
  2. You don’t have to worry about inadvertently chanting lies to yourself. Seriously. Have you Googled some of the lyrics to your favorite chart-topper? Yikes.
  3. You can keep your style of music! There are so many new Christian artists these days! You like Dubstep? There’s Skrillex. Christian Rock? Try Flyleaf (Thanks Corinn!) Or my new favorite Hip Hop artist- Andy Mineo, who’s video is attached. I had no idea that Hip-Hop could be that good and that good.
  4. Feed your soul. We were created with a God-shaped hole in our hearts. Nothing else can fill it.
  5. It’s a joyful noise. Ok there are some sad songs but most of the songs speak to freedom from the pain of the world and gratitude for the salvation we receive through Christ. That is what’s real. That is what is quite different from what is played on most airwaves. And that is exactly what we need.
  6. It’s another form of communication with God. Pray, read your Bible, be in community, be still, listen to good music and… dance! God made it all.
  7. If you go to a church that covers this type of music (shout-out to Gateway in Austin) it’s like the best kind of concert.
  8. It’s good stuff. You were just saying the other day how you need more good stuff in your life, right? Things that resonate in your soul? Well… here you go.
  9. You can sing with your family and friends of all ages in the car. Don’t over look this aspect of bonding and fellowship.
  10. You will hum the lyrics throughout the day and get a reminder of His Love. That is real power.

If we don’t acknowledge that we are programming our brains through music, television and media we are only fooling ourselves. Make a little effort to incorporate music that will enrich your soul both on earth and in heaven.


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