My First Book… 4 Ways I Made It Harder Than It Needed To Be

You know what makes me feel like dancing?

Nooo…  Well actually yes- but that’s not it.

Um… Yes- that also.

Ok.  Quit guessing.

Most recently… I finished my first book on Video Testimonials for business owners and it is for sale on Amazon.  Woohoo!   This calls for a celebration dance videoAnd the video above gives business owners some good reasons to get this book now.

So- my new book may not fit perfectly with this blog audience but this post is not really about the book.  This post is for the philosopher inside of us who looks back and says to oneself…

“Wow- you really dragged that out.  What was the hold up all about?”

Well, I’m all about tough love.  Friends have called it “brutally honest”.  I’m still a little confused on the “brutal” part, but there must be some truth to it.  Point it- most times I want someone to just give it to me straight.  And that’s how I try to dish it to myself.

This book has been 90% complete for months now.  When I finally completed it last week- it took 3 somewhat solid days of effort.

Really, Jen?  

So here are 4 ways I made publishing this book harder than it needed to be. My hope is that you have a little “Aha!” moment and save yourself some wasted energy or glean a good reminder.

  1. Less Talk, More Action:  People love to talk.  And complain.  Ok, I’m talking about myself.  When I think about the hours I spent talking about what needed to happen with this book, or complaining that I was confused because it was my first book… I’m irritated with myself.  Too much talking- not enough doing.
  2. Stay Focused: Some things about me have not changed since grade school.  I like shiny objects, I get lost in thought and most times… it’s noisy up in my brain.  I need a babysitter to keep me on target.  Oh the books I could have written with the hours I’ve spent on Pinterest.  I do like the Pomodoro app for keeping me on task for 25 minutes at a time.  Focus.  Discipline. I’m a work in progress.
  3. Tell Your Emotions Where To Get Off:  What if nobody buys it?  What if I get bad reviews?  What if… blah, blah, blah.  There is a fine line between thinking too much of yourself… and not thinking enough.  I think I am guilty of both at times.  What was I waiting for?  What could I have accomplished if I spent my time planning for the expected outcome instead of being a slacker?  Or a wimp?  Or worse?  I know the truth- and yet sometimes I believe the lie.
  4. Letting My Conditions Put Me In Bondage:  Over the past year, I have been helping my parents with my grandmother.  Though my parents were wonderfully grateful, my grandmother was not.  That has been hard for me.  Real hard.  I want to be appreciated so much that I would let that injustice consume my thoughts.  I wasted time and energy thinking about how my grandmother did not measure up to my expectations.  Time and energy that could have been spent completing the book.

I’m all about learning.  This was some good learning for me.  I’m pretty sure I’m not completely done learning any of these lessons.  But it’s a solid reminder.

I find it so interesting to watch oneself- and get really honest.

And also give yourself grace (Thanks Mom!)- which can be difficult for me.

What I also see in all of this is how God drew me closer to Him in all of my selfishness, unworthiness and brokenness.

That is so weird and so cool all at the same time.

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