My First Mission Trip To Nicaragua

It’s time to take a mission trip. At least for me.

I’ve learned so much over the past two years. Finally surrendering to God’s plan and will has been a roller coaster ride. Though I would have called myself a Christian most of my life- in many ways, trusting God to lead is brand new every day. Every time I think I trust Him – He shows me how I’m still holding on… still in some type of bondage.

As the Christian worship songs suggest… He will continue to take us deeper if we will allow it.

God promises to continue to shape me more into the type of creature with whom He wants to spend eternity- if I can die to myself on a daily basis.


I don’t claim to always hear the voice of God. Or even that I hear Him often. And it’s never been an actual voice, so far. Sometimes I pray really hard and it seems as though he is silent.

But I feel my heart pull. And it lines up with His Word.

My longing to take a mission trip cannot be denied. As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved the idea of global travel and experiencing different cultures. This need for adventure and exploration coupled with my burning desire to let Him use me for His glory- feels like a perfect fit. So when my church, Gateway South, announced a week-long trip to Nicaragua this summer – I knew.

The time is right.

GO! Teams connects our members to nonprofits and organizations around Austin, the US and the world. These teams come in for a week and serve alongside the staff and volunteers of an established organization, providing extra hands and a much-needed boost of love and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, you say?!

This summer from August 6-13, I will be traveling with the team from Gateway South to serve with the organization Amigos for Christ, in rural Nicaraguan communities. In addition to strengthening families through clean water, healthcare, education and economic development – we get to live out our faith by making Christ more visible to one another and to the world.

Of course each of us have the opportunity, every moment of every day, to glorify Him with our lives. And there are so many different ways that we can do this. We are all different, like parts of the body. And this part (me) finds something extra alluring for me about helping a different culture with a different language and a different standard of living.

No doubt I will experience multiple epiphanies.

In that vein- I would ask you to commit to pray for us? We know that anything that we can do on our own, pales in comparison to what God can do through us. We also know that the enemy will be working against us however he can. But greater is He who lives in us! Prayer and relying on God’s strength is our best defense… And offense. And referee. And fans.

Jesus is all things.

There are many verses supporting this process of communities sending and going. If you feel led you can support us (me) financially here.

Of course, I will be creating a lot of photo and video content from this trip so please click to subscribe to my website updates and/or like my Facebook page here!

God is good! All the time!

Thanks for reading.

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