Our Mission Trip to Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico

I didn’t think we could really make a difference in a weekend… but we did. And the trip to Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico made a difference in us.

In the video above, our mission trip crew was lean but full.

Friends for life, I’d say.

Big Heart Orphanage is located in Reynosa Mexico right across the border from, Texas. The orphanage has been around since 2000 and the ripple effect of helping so many children is immeasurable. Poppi Gator (as he is called) heads up the orphanage along with his wife Deanna and numerous family members. Also any high school graduates of the orphanage that want to stay, can- while their college is paid for by Big Heart and its generous donors. Being inside the orphanage walls is like another world compared to its surroundings. But as the orphanage continues to grow and help and flourish– it encourages the community to see what is possible.

Here there is hope.

Our project for the weekend was to help prepare a property for a multifamily home. We dug a ditch for a water line, laid concrete foundation for the entrance and sidewalk and sanded painted and hung three gates for the lot. It was very hot and we got very dirty but it was a small sacrifice for the experience. And in the end it was so gratifying to see the fruits of our labor.

Though the purpose of this mission trip was to help with manual labor there were multiple opportunities to interact with the people of Reynosa. From the taco stand to the convenience store to the food carts- everyone was kind and gracious. The area surrounding the orphanage Could easily be a culture shock to most Americans. One can easily see that there is a great need here.

In addition to helping this orphanage and community- one of my favorite things about mission trips is how you get to see and show God’s love to the people you serve alongside.

His love. It’s the best thing ever. No hyperbole intended.

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To learn more about Big Heart Orphanage, click here. They are so happy to answer your questions!

PS: I’m going to Nicaragua this week (Aug 2016) and I’m stoked about it! Watch my video here.

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