Plant an Organic Herb Garden and Keep Free From GMOs #video

Diets come and go. I try to stay educated on the latest research, aaaand also use some common sense. I am not trying to be that person that get all “jung ho” only to have to retract.

Although… I do like a good jung ho.

In any case, my common sense tells me to “eat foods as close to its original form as possible”. I noticed the recent Paleo diet doesn’t allow for beans, or legumes. That seems incorrect. I have zero basis for my opinion other than beans seem really close to nature… beans are beans. They can’t be wrong. You gotta make them the old school way. Anyway- I’m gonna live my life as if beans are ok.

The point is… I’m on a FRESHHHHH kick. (Hi-ya!) And an organic herb garden makes logical sense.

Keep it fresh, yo


I know- I’m turning into a weirdo that wants to know where her food is coming from. We’ll talk about what a hippy I am in another post.

Ok, back to the organic herb garden.

As mentioned in the attached video, the secret to being a great cook is using fresh ingredients. And it doesn’t fresher than your own backyard. When I saw that my local Wheatsville was selling organic herb plants, I jumped on the chance to get my garden started.

My excitement over the plants being organic got me thinking about all the things I want to tell my family and friends about their health. Including…

GMOs are not your friend.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Scientists in labs are combining organisms of unrelated species together and feeding them to us. They would never occur in nature on their own. Gross!

(You can get all the gory details on the

The good news is that GMOs are not allowed in food labeled “organic” so that is a safe bet to avoid these pesky rascals, but even better… grow your own.

I don’t even know how to use all of the herbs in the video, but I’m gonna have fun figuring it out.

Got a fresh herb recipe to share?


PS: And in four to six months, I’m gonna have the freshest, most delicious and loved eggs this side of the Mississippi with the baby chicks I am raising. Follow my Instagram for daily updates on what the girls are doing! They are too cute.

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