Quick Health Tip: Make That Cake… And Then Give It Away

Mmm… I love cake. Who doesn’t right? I’m not sure I would trust someone if they said they didn’t like cake. Well, maybe if there was a good reason…

In any case – though the video above does indeed involve cake, it could really be anything delicious. And it discusses one of my more unique health tips – cake sharing.

In my quest to make healthy upgrades to my favorite recipes – I often find myself with a surplus of delicious food. Somethings are great for freezing, like soup, and some things need to get out of the house ASAP, lest they get gobbled up completely.

Guess which one Carrot Cake is for me?

Maybe it seems obvious to you not to leave an entire sheet of your favorite cake in the refrigerator – but I have to intentionally remind myself that more is not always better and the cake will be better enjoyed by many versus just the one… me.

Plus- Jesus says to share.

The main reason my Carrot Cake is so delicious is because it is made with minimally processed ingredients and without additives or preservatives. You can taste the love. And to me- that’s when it’s worth the calories.

You see, if I am going to spend calories decadently – it better not be some weak, over-processed, preservative-laden chemical cookie. Bleck. No, if I’m gonna spend the calories- it’s gotta be homemade, gourmet or wildly delicious.

My Carrot Cake is all three of those things.

Side note: I don’t think it’s possible to buy a cake that tastes homemade from a bakery. Well… I guess anything is possible. But I just can’t think of a time that I thought a bakery cake tasted homemade. Many times it tasted super delicious – but not homemade.

There’s something about making your food, meals and desserts from scratch that makes you respect them more. I could trade with anyone in my grade school lunch room thanks to the homemade cookies that Dad always packed in my lunch.

Real food has always been in style. I’m grateful that I can appreciate now what I took for granted then. (I love you, Dad!)

Food really can be so healing and also a language of love. So that brings me to my quick health tip of the day…

Hey! What’s your quick unique help tip? Share it with me in the comments below!

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