Spirit 105.9 Difference Maker – Video Story 002 #vlog #austin

Today’s video blog is cool. For me at least.

In Austin, there is a Christian radio station called Spirit 105.9 and they have a contest called Difference Maker. Listeners are asked to nominate people in their lives who are making a positive difference for the kingdom of God.

I was honored to win for the month of October thanks to my friend Jeanette. The timing of the award couldn’t have been better. Coming off a mission trip and then a subsequent video series about the mission trip – I was starting to feel lost and confused.

So this was encouraging. Sometimes God jokes around with me and this was a good one. I was asking Him if what I was doing even mattered. Am I even a “good enough” Christian to be talking about my faith? Does anyone even see me?

And so He showed me that He sees me.

As I went to pick up my award, I received an adorable gift basket but of course the real gift was acknowledgment from my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ. That really gave me the warm fuzzies. And hearing people tell me they heard my story on the radio was pretty cool. It’s like knowing people are saying good things behind your back.

What can I say? I love it when people like me.

But I don’t forget to give Him the glory. I am truly nothing on my own. It’s all His.

Shout out to TD Jakes and his sermon clip. I love that guy.

God never designed you to fit in. Be a difference maker.

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