The Purpose Driven Life: Week 2 #BookClub

The second edition of the book club video series that Monika and I are walking through is above. We were lucky enough to have my mom join and through the powerof real-time video, we enjoyed a Bible study in three different cities and yet altogether. Thanks Google Hangouts.

The past seven chapters have not minced words about setting up the foundation of truth through your life. We talked about life being a test, a trust and a temporary assignment. If you don’t want to hear that God is testing you all of the time, don’t read chapter 5.

It actually frightens me a little to think that God is always testing me. It seems He should know that enjoy coasting. I’m quite sure He knows.

But he doesn’t call for a whole lot of coasting. Being on earth is a temporary assignment to serve him and to anticipate the promised rewards in heaven.

Chapter 8 discusses how we were all planned for God’s pleasure and that he wants us to enjoy life – not just endure it. He loves us so much, he knows every detail of our bodies, minds and lives… He delights in you… in me.

So why is surrender so hard? Three words. Fear, pride and confusion.

We don’t understand how much God loves us.

This is one I am working on specifically myself. I want to know Him, love Him and feel His love.

And because learning to love him begins with getting to know him, it follows that we get to know Him through his word. This is one of the reasons I began reading and memorizing scripture.

The biggest thing that I take away from this week is that God wants to be my friend – excuse me, best friend. And if I believed that, what would that look like.?

And I don’t mean from God’s side. We know what that would look like – it would look like giving up your son as a living sacrifice. That concept just baffles me.

No – I mean, what would it look like if I really wanted to be best friends with God?

Well… what do I do when I really want to get to know someone? Spend time with that person.

The foundation for my friendship with God should involve lots of quality time. Oh good- that just so happens to be my love language.

What does your friendship with God look like? How good a friend are you?

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