The Truth About Exercise During The Holidays #health #video

“I don’t have time” is the most common excuse that we use for not exercising.
This excuse or “reason” seems doubly true around the holidays. There seems to be so much more to do in a shorter amount of time and exercise was already teetering on the edge of things you have time for…

In the video above I share my most common suggestions to clients in how he/she can make space for exercise during the holiday season.

My first suggestion is to multitask when visiting, celebrating or reuniting with family and friends. By suggesting an active or exercise “meet up” you are doing something that will benefit both your health and no headache tomorrow.

Who knows- an active “date” may even keep you from eating or drinking something detrimental to your health.
But alas…

Not everyone will be down with the walk and talk style of visiting but it’s worth asking to find people who are keen on it. What a bonus it is to find that someone you enjoy spending time with who also values being proactive in their health and wellness.

My second suggestion is to get real with yourself.

I don’t want to come off as sounding harsh but tough love has always been a tactic that has worked on me whether facilitated by someone else or even just talking to myself.

You have 20 minutes. I have 20 minutes. If you don’t have 20 minutes to dedicate to being proactive about the functionality of your body – I daresay you need to reprioritize how you are spending every minute of your time.

Tough love. I told you.

In this vein, I suggest incorporating shorter but more intense workouts like HIIT. With an interval app like this one or this one you can hear a beep when it is time to switch to the next exercise. The idea being go as hard as you can for a lot less time.

JenTip: Check out my Pinterest folder of exercises that includes various HIIT workouts.

So now that we’ve established that we all have time we get to look at the only excuse it is left in the bucket –

I just don’t feel like it.

My best advice for this is to begin with the end in mind. It’s all mental.

And if you stay ready – you don’t have to get ready every time a big event or rendezvous graces your calendar.

Sometimes I have to give myself a little tough talk. Nothing too crazy just something like…

You do have 20 minutes. To be able to exercise is a blessing. You’ll feel so much better when you’re done.

Logic usually works on me. Does thinking this way help motivate you to exercise during the holidays?

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