The Yin & Yang of Ice Water & Raw Food

I never call her Dr. Furlong, but that’s exactly what she is… and a brilliant one at that! Cute too, eh?

Holly and I have been close friends for years now and I have learned so much from her on our many around-town adventures in Chicago. One conversation about ice water led to this video about yin-yang and balancing the energy in our bodies.

I love the way Holly takes Eastern medicine and makes it applicable to the average American- like me.

Let me know in the comments below… how to you take your water?

Disclosure: I was a patient of Dr. Holly Furlong, Chiropractic Physician at Chicago Institute of Natural Health

Want to learn more about Yin & Yang? Check out this book on Amazon, The Yin and Yang of Life.

From sex and politics to diet and sleep, Yin and Yang of Life addresses modern issues through the lens of ancient wisdom and simplifies profound theories which can be applied to your daily life.

Eastern traditions teach that change is created by the interplay of two opposing forces known as yin and yang. When yin pulls, yang pushes. When yin is still, yang is in motion. Yin and yang exist to interact with the other, to maintain balance, to counter forces and to create life. Understanding the nature of yin and yang gives you insight into the true nature of the universe and your place in it.

Yin and Yang of Life takes you on a journey of discovery using a map of the universe only visible to those with the tools to understand the simple elegance of the natural ebb and flow created by the forces of yin and yang.


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