There Isn’t Enough Time To Exercise Off Everything You Want To Eat

As I edited the video above I found myself thinking –

You are being a little tough on them.

…and then another voice said-

the first step is keeping it real.

Besides – I think you can handle it. It may not surprise you to know that one of my favorite online fitness instructor is Jillian Michaels. If you think I’m tough – you should try some of her workouts.

“Don’t you dare quit on me!”, she’s fond of saying.

Being in ENFP personality means I do not care for constraints (of any kind) so I did not go gently into restricting my diet and/or changing my food habits, upon becoming “an adult”.

As I reflect back on my youth – there is long history of stubbornness in virtually every aspect of my life.

And I was definitely being stubborn about my eating habits.

In my early 20s I put on about 30 pounds more than I weigh today. I was convinced that I should be able to eat whatever I wanted the way that I always had.

After all… I’m me. Surely, the exception to the rule.

My body, however, was playing by a different set of rules and there was no arguing. If I took in more calories than I put out- I would not look or feel the way I wanted to…

So I had a choice.

And every day I have a choice. And I don’t always make the “best” choices but I usually make better choices. And that has made all the difference in helping me to keep off the weight.

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