‘Tis The Season To Be A Nicer Driver- Say Thanks!

Though it doesn’t make logical sense – I am convinced there are more people on the planet around the holidays.

More people and more construction. Eesh.

Patience has never been my strongest skill.

In the video above, I share the power and simplicity of being kind and grateful to our fellow drivers even in the midst of longer lines and increased frustration.

When someone needs to merge in – let them in. When there are two parking spots- take the one further away. When someone lets you in to their lane – say thanks.

A healthy mindset should not stop just because there is no food in front of you or because you finished your workout for the day.

It should be who you are – every day, in all circumstances.

Don’t get it twisted – I am in no way saying that I perfectly achieve this but making small changes, in love, make me a holistically better person. And the more I practice- the easier it becomes.

Gratitude is a muscle.

Do you agree? How are you encouraged to share and spread the love?

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