Video Interview: Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise

Ryan has my life.

Okay, not exactly but he does travel to the most beautiful places in the world with his wife, while writing for a living.

And that’s exactly what what I want to do.

Spouse part included.

And that’s how I found Ryan. I was looking for people who were already doing what I wanted to do. Ryan and I are risk takers. Travel, freedom and adventure make us come alive.

It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

In this video interview, Ryan shares his story from security guard to his island hopping lifestyle.

Bali? Thailand? Costa Rica?

Yes, please.

As you can see – Ryan’s energy barely fits in the video and I dare you not to be inspired to “throw it all away” and start on a new adventure, of some kind.

Find out more about Ryan on his website Blogging from Paradise. He is on a marketing blitz so for a limited time you can grab a few of his 120 books for free.

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