Video News: This Week In Social Media 10/8/15

Hi Everyone! I’m Jen Knoedl and here are my picks for what’s happening this week in Social Media…

Thanks to Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today for sharing the news about YouTube shoppable videos. According to the official announcement, 64% percent of shoppers say that YouTube influences their purchase decisions. Shoppable videos make it easy for you to buy the products you want at the exact moment you want them. Now you can get the latest and greatest products promoted by top YouTube celebrities and it’s all part of Awesome Stuff Week. Like totally.

Steve Jobs wasn’t the only CEO to get fired and rehired from a company he founded. Twitter’s own Jack Dorsey is having a similar experience as he returns to be the CEO of the micro-blogging network he started. But I thought he was the CEO of Square, the mobile payment company, you say? Yes. And yes. At least for the time being, Mr. Dorsey, founder of both companies will also hold the role of being CEO of both, simultaneously. Can the founder of Twitter overcome the challenge of the site’s inability to be embraced by the mainstream? Will Jack increase the 140-character limit? Will Square suffer as a result? Only time will tell. But we’re pulling for ya, Jack.

Christmas is coming and the pins are making cash. That’s right, just in time for the holidays, Pinterest announces new merchants and platforms for buyable pins. There are currently over 60 million buyable pins and according to a recent research report, 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases while 87% of Pinners have purchased something because of Pinterest. This news should be sweet music to the ears of businesses wanting to sell their products on Pinterest at no extra cost. Platforms like Shopify, IBMCommerce and Magento are working with merchants of all kinds to get those products up online in time to shoppers to get them under the tree.

Still feeling lost when it comes to the mobile video broadcasting app Periscope? This week, Cheryl Conner of Forbes offers 5 tips from Scoper Dr. Will Moreland for creating PR and winning new business with the Twitter darling network. Alliteration fans… you’re gonna love this.

  1. Clarity of topics. What areas of expertise can you share?
  2. Connection with viewers can be achieved through announcements, subscriptions and free product.
  3. Contribute to your viewers broadcasts and create mutually beneficial partnerships.
  4. Community has been built by Moreland with unique hashtags.
  5. Consistency works just like every other network. Keep at it and watch the hearts fly.

That’s it for this week, Folks. Check the links attached for more information on anything I’ve mentioned. If you have questions, comments or nice things to say, you can can find me on virtually any social network by searching “Jen Knoedl”. Thanks for watching and have a blessed week!

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