What Do Your Huevos Look Like? #eggs

November 18, 2015 9:20 pm

The Incredible Edible Egg.  Remember that campaign?

In today’s video I’m sharing with you why I choose to pay over six dollars a carton for pasture-raised eggs.

Short answer.  It’s worth it.  And I’m worth it.

Free range eggs are not only better tasting, but also better looking with a back story that makes feel feel much better about what I am consuming.  It’s still not a perfect measure but this “pasture-raised” brand by Vital Farms in particular makes me happy because I think they are being proactive about providing eggs above and beyond the minimum requirements.

eggs pan

Report after report has come out showing some atrocious conditions for our egg-laying chickens.  Though pasture-raised and/or free-range eggs are significantly more expensive then the conventional variety – it is probably the cheapest clean animal protein that’s not zapped up with chemicals.


Look at the difference in color!

As I mentioned in my video and the image above, the yolks of pasture-raised or free-range eggs are always a deeper shade of orange– no doubt from the chickens ability to eat grass and bugs versus just processed grains.

The darker one just looks like it has more vitamins in it, right?

As we learn more about how the food we eat comes into existence – it only makes sense to spend a little extra on the best. Pasture-raised or free-range eggs are part of a Better Smarter Health Pantry and Eating Plan.

What do you think about organic eggs? Cage free eggs? Pasture-raised?  Free range?  Let me know what you think (and eat!) in the comments below!


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