Why Sparkling Water Is The Holiday Soda Of Champions

December 9, 2015 4:20 am

You care about your body.  You care about how your pants fit.  And you care about your chompers.

So following that line of logic- you should be making the switch from soda pop to soda water this holiday season.

Plus it what all the other CHAMPIONS do!

You see what I did there?

Anyone who really cares about their heath will tell you that water is their favorite beverage and that’s a statement I would stand behind as well.

But sometimes you need a little something more.

Carbonated (and slightly flavored) water like La Croix help me get my fix when I am looking for a more celebratory drink than water.

Maybe I’m a sucker for bubbles.

In the video above, I share why I reach for the bubbling water.  Because Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite- all of them… horrible for you.

Am I being dramatic?


Well that depends on how you feel about bone loss, diabetes, obesity, emotional disorders and rotten teeth.

Yeah.  I thought so too.

So be the champion you are and make the switch.  I whole heartedly believe that if you start making small changes- you can be the better smarter version of yourself.

Oh yeah!

Do it for your sweetie, for your family and for that handsome guy/gal in the mirror.

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