Crazy Beautiful: Women’s Day Retreat with Gateway Church on April 11 #christian

Everyone knows a female who needs to be reminded of her beauty. Her real beauty. The beauty that is inherent in being a child of God and precious in His sight.

Because God defines what is beautiful.

If you listen to the media, you’re gonna have a really rough life. Trust me, I tried. But we don’t have to live in that type of bondage.

We can be free!

It’s called “freedom in Christ” and I gotta say… it’s a “little slice of heaven” when I can tap into it. (Pun intended.)

Finding my identity in Christ, being His beloved, gives me a freedom and lightness that is hard to articulate. It feels good. And right. Because it is.

So if you are in Austin (or surrounding area), I invite you to join me and my church, Gateway Austin at the CRAZY BEAUTIFUL Women’s Retreat on April 11, 2015.

There will be speakers, worship, fellowship, barbeque and vegetables… But most of all…

There will be God.

Please join us.

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