Dance With Me and #musicallyapp

The cobbler’s kid never has any shoes and I’ve neglected my blog for quite some time. But it’s 3AM and I’m up…

Where have I been?

Well, I went to Chicago, Houston, Puerto Rico, Vieques, and now back in Austin. I’m so backed up on travel video to edit- it’s bananas. Someday I’ll have an editor again…

So when I found musically… correction- when an 11 year old told me about the app- I was instantly in love.

I mean, come on… it’s DANCING. And who doesn’t love… nevermind, I know plenty- I just don’t understand them. How is this NOT fun?!

Having fun with #musically #dance videos… (Get Ugly by Jason Derulo) A video posted by Jen Knoedl (@jenknoedl) on

The app is free for iPhone and android. And if you download it- follow me for sure @jenknoedl.

If new apps aren’t really your “thing”, but dancing with me could be your “thing” you can follow along on my Instagram or Facebook Page because I usually reshare my music videos there.

You Guys… making these fun videos is a BLAST! Try it! I often find myself thinking that adults don’t play enough (soberly at least) and this is a great new toy!

I know… We don’t want to look stupid. We don’t want to act immature. We don’t want people talking trash.

Well guess what? if no one is talking trash about you, you probably need to pick up your game- ya know? Even if it’s not through dancing…

Find some way to STRETCH yourself mentally, physically and emotionally every day!

Life is short. See what you are made of!

Sooo… what’s it gonna be this week? How are you going to “be free to be YOU”? How can you step out of your comfort zone to do something you forgot you loved… For me- it’s dance.

What is it for you?

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