Ep 5: Spirit of Learning & Balance of Humility • Nicaragua Video

Attitude is everything.
And one of the best ways to affect our attitude is to focus our mind on things that are positive… Things we are grateful for.

On our third full day in Nicaragua we visited a local nursing home. Our purpose was simply to love on these people that often had no family- or nowhere else to go.

So we brought them lunch and visited for a while. Though the language barrier was an issue for most of us on this trip- we assured ourselves that love is beyond a spoken language. Because it is.

There are two kinds of gratitude. Gratitude when we receive and gratitude when we give. Nicaragua showed me both.

As a new Christian and even still today – looking at trials with gratitude in my heart is a huge challenge. But if I consider that this lifetime is for shaping me into the kind of creature He wants to spend eternity with… I would imagine there would be some growing pains. And something about pain always draws me closer to Him.

In the eye of the storm, I am grateful for the journey and His promise to never leave me.

And God is funny. He’ll make you ecstatically grateful for something you rarely think twice about.

It sure beats a bucket shower and yet- after a day of sweating- I was even so grateful for that!

We just have to look for it. Forget what American culture says about entitlement. It’s not as fulfilling as we say it is. I’m convinced that gratitude is where its at.

No matter who you are – you have blessings too many to mention. I am convinced that the times in my life that I was depressed were the times that I looked away from what I already had to all the more that I wanted.

I was grateful for so many things on the trip. That amigos for Christ blazed the trail of this work so that we could serve in the most comfortable way possible. That I had family and friends support my trip with both prayers and finances. And of course that the son of God died so that I could have life abundantly.

John 10:10
The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

How can I not be grateful for this?

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