New #MusicMonday: You Can’t Stop me by @AndyMineo #Christian

I don’t pretend to be a music buff but I know what I like- and this song grabbed me from the very first beats. Andy Mineo is a badass. (Is it ok to say “badass” as a Christian?) In the first video, Andy is being interviewed on Sway radio and sings his lyrics live. See for yourself.

The second video is the full version of his single “You Can’t Stop Me”.

If you love it, you can buy the song here through this affiliate link.

To be able to squeeze all of the written content that it takes to put together a rap/hip-hop song and to not be talking trash about anyone, not taking all the glory for one’s success and instead being unashamed to praise God – I am in awe of that talent and boldness.

By the way, Andy is part of Reach Records. They go by “116” which is from Romans 1:16 –> For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

The main lyrics of the song “Are you can’t stop me!”. But what this song goes on to explain, differently than most mainstream songs, is that only through the strength of God are we undefeatable. Instead of taking credit for the gifts that we were blessed with, we are to throw it back to Our Creator.

I am finding that giving God the glory is more difficult than it seems. I enjoy taking credit for my gifts. I’m a selfish little human.

Andy produces his music with so much talent and professionalism- it’s magnetic. People that would not have paid the gospel a second look, now will. Because Andy makes it cool.

Mr. Mineo is on tour right now with Lecrae and my brothers and I are planning to see them October 5 in San Antonio.

Check out “You Can’t Stop Me” and share it with someone that needs to hear some awesome music and this message.


Huh, can’t stop won’t stop, where the brakes at?
I give ’em that diddy bop, like take that, take that, take that, take that
I’mma put in work, I’mma do that ASAP
Throw my faith in rap, but they say don’t say that huh?
What I’mma turn down for, I feel like Shaq in nine four
Breaking glass in that backboard, or like Kobe in Toronto, huh?
Dropping 81, Yo I drop the 88, Ricky Bobby, shake and bake
Sleeping on us should have stayed awake, huh?
Everybody make mistakes like VJs trying to say my name
It’s Mineo, say it with me, Mineo – Okay great
Two forks high, raise the stakes, risk it all, I take the hate
It’s the winning team, get the Gatorade
My God good, but he’s not safe, nah

They try to shut us down, and it ain’t gon’ slide

Only thing I fear is God and he on my side

That’s the confidence of God, cause he got me

That’s why I really feel like

You can’t stop me
That’s all you got? Come on with it
That’s all you got?
You can’t stop me

(You) don’t got the power, (can’t) shut me down
(Stop), that’s not an option, I’m my biggest problem
(You) don’t got the power, (can’t) shut me down
(Stop), that’s not an option
You can’t stop me

You’re my biggest opponent, you know me I know you we know it
Whenever I fail, you’ve always been there to simply remind me I’ve blown it
You don’t see when I’m growing, you don’t see where I’m going
You only see in the moment, you know my mistakes you never let go it
Huh, don’t cease to amaze me, and it drive me crazy, huh
That you catch every detail that I miss in the songs I’m making, saying
You will never write a verse like Kendrick
Never be the rap or rock God from Hendrix
Top 10 alive you will never be mentioned
Why aim so high, won’t survive the trenches
Plus, you a Christian Andy, they will never listen Andy
Plus, well your pigment Andy, huh, you don’t got skill you a gimmick Andy
Well, if I listen to you, and everything you put in my ear
I’ll be living like woulda, shoulda, coulda, I’ll be paralyzed by fear
Huh, ain’t that the truth, if I quit the only way I lose
I got two choices when I do this – make moves or make excuses
Huh, if you know who I’m talking about, then you got me
My biggest enemy is me – and even I can’t stop me

I said if I cannot stop me then you’ll never stop me
Oh no, can’t stop, oh no, won’t stop

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