#TravelTuesday: The 5 Essential Gear You Need For Creating Travel Video

I’m rusty. When I went to New York with my mom and family last week, I realized that I was not as prepared as I would have liked to be regarding video.

I didn’t use my list. Happens every time.

In my defense, my main objective for this trip was to make precious memories with my mom- which we did! But there were a few times I wanted to create some travel video and I just didn’t have all the right stuff.

Especially an external battery. Duh.

Of course, especially when traveling, a gal has to make choices about how much stuff she wants to lug around. If everyone else on the trip is there simply to experience and “be in the moment”, they aren’t going to be happy that they miss the train because you are messing around with your tripod.

In the video above, the usage of the GoPro camera and an extender stick allows the 2 travelers to be much more part of the scene. I don’t personally use the GoPro very often because there is no viewfinder window and the audio isn’t great. But when trying to capture action shots or need a waterproof camera, or want to mount a camera- this is a great option.

Depending on the type of trip, vacation, exploration or discovery may dictate how much gear you take with you. Here are my top 5 gear essentials for creating travel video.

  1. iPhone (or smartphone): I always have it with me. I’m always ready. My iPhone takes great picture and has decent audio with no help.
  2. Charging Cord & External Battery: Nothing will burn through your battery like video. Make sure you bring your extra charging cord (you have at least 2, right?) and an external battery. You can recharge an iPhone about 3 times before the recharger needs to be recharged.
  3. Tripod, Monopod/Extender or Gorillapad: Basically, these 3 stabilizers all do the same thing to varying degrees as a result of their varying sizes and weights.
  4. Microphone: I use this mini mic the most. It’s unobtrusive enough to get candid audio from people you meet on your travels.
  5. Editing Software: whether you edit on your phone or on your computer, I have no issue telling a story with iMovie. If you know Final Cut- more power to ya, but iMovie does a great job for me.

That’s it! You can create memorable, beautiful video to hear and watch with just 5 pieces of essential gear. Easy, peasy.

So? What are you waiting for? Get your gear and start making travel video!


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