Video Book Review: Mere Christianity – Chapter 2

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis – Chapter 2: Some Objections

If you missed the first chapter of Mere Christianity, click here and watch that first.  C.S. is taking us on a cerebral journey and each idea is stacked on the previous.

I really had to search my mind for the words ‘cerebral journey’.  That mental process of searching for the words to say exactly what you want to say, and then finding them… one of the truly fun parts of writing.

C.S. is getting serious.  He’s making his points.  And I gotta say… I hear a voice in me that is already saying…

Abort the process of walking through this book, Jen.  It’s too deep.  You’re not going to be able to explain it and you’re just going to encourage people to ask you questions your don’t know the answer to…

Another voice says…

That’s exactly why you should.  Be brave.  Say what you believe. You’ll find the answers.

I’m gonna listen to the second voice.

So, all that to say, in the attached video, Chapter 2 builds on Chapter 1 and once again, C.S. lays it down.

“But feeling a desire to help is quite different from feeling that you ought to help whether you want to or not.”  (CS)

He says there is a third ‘thing’ in us which tells us which voice to listen to, and that every impulse we have can be “good or bad” depending on the circumstance.  Stealing could be moral in some situations and not in others.  His point being- we do compare moralities (ex: Nazis).

“…if the Rule of Decent Behavior meant ‘whatever each nation happens to approve’, there would be no sense in saying that any one nation had ever been more correct in its approval than another…”  (CS)

He’s driving home the point.  So this chapter is called “Some Objections” and his rebuttals to his own (previously atheist) mind’s questions.  Ok, I’m convinced.  What’s next?

What is that “invisible standard” that most of us strive to achieve?  What is Real Morality?

Wanna follow along with me?  It’s a great book and we have a lot of chapters to go!  I have the Kindle version of Mere Christianity from Amazon.  Scoop it or the “real book” version is here.

Thanks for reading and watching.  🙂  Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

i love you, jen knoedl

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