How To Be Audacious In Christ’s Power- Notes From #BethMoore

It’s funny how life works…  Years ago, my mother tried to turn me on to Beth Moore and I was having none of it.  I didn’t want to hear the truth.  I didn’t want to be told what to do.  And I certainly didn’t want to be convicted of how I was not living up to my birthright as a child of the King of Kings.

My how things have changed.

Last week, I jumped at the chance to hear this Mighty Woman of God via simulcast at a friends’ house.  (Thanks Jeri!)  Me, along with 16 other Christian women were blessed with the opportunity to watch Beth Moore’s simulcast, based on her book, Audacious.

In the video above, I walk through the following notes taken from the day-long event.

In a word- powerful.

Beth opens up the message with the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 25:19.

“What’s your stew?”, she asks.

For what do you forfeit your birthright as an heir with Christ?  Like Esau, when we are exhausted, we get distracted by wanting our “stew” now.  And at virtually any price.

But it is in knowing our birthright that we are freed from slavery as in Romans 8:15.  There will always be fear and that fear drives anger, rage and insecurity.  That is how the world we live in functions.

But as Christ-followers we are leave a calling card of courage, love and joy.

Because Jesus Christ has authority, we can have audacity in our faith and lives.

As we all search, whether consciously or not, for our calling- Beth points out that our calling is outside of our ability to fulfill it.  God designed us like this for a reason- He wants us to lean on Him and His power.

Simply put- audacity is guts and glory.

We may be scared, but we have the guts to do it anyway, knowing that all the glory goes to our Heavenly Father- through whom all good things come.

In Ephesisans 6:10 – we are called to be mighty women of God.

This does not mean that we are to condemn those who do not see things as we do.  As Christians, we fight for people and not with people.  We are to extend grace and forgive.  We cannot have unforgiveness and love take up the same space in our hearts.  We must forgive others to make space for love.

Forgiveness is to be extended to ourselves.  Shame does not honor God and He does not ask us to carry it around.

Do you know that you are forgiven?  Do not let His grace be in vain.

In addition to the powerful notes above, Beth Moore gifted us with the following MIGHTY MAKERS which are the basis of the book and presentation of AUDACIOUS.

  1. The audacity to make an unseen savior the supreme romance of your life
  2. The audacity to live in the tension that comes with loving in truth.
  3. The audacity to pray for astonishing works of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The audacity to forgive and live forgiven,
  5. The audacity to hold tight with all your might to Romans 8:18 (which says… I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.)
  6. The audacity to walk in humility.

If you missed the simulcast, you may still order it here (at least on the date of this post) and/or purchase her book.

This lesson rocked my world and if you are ready to be audacious in Christ- I suggest you check it out.

PS:  Thanks for never giving up on me, Mom.  You’re always right.

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